Bright Copper Roof

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The First Never Tarnish Copper

Alsa's New Copper Age is here, and its called 4EverBright. An innovative combination of copper, high-tensile strength Lexan and aluminum creates brilliant shine for roofing, siding, guttering, and other products.

Bright Copper Roof

You must see it to believe it. Don't believe us? Ask for a free sample.

Cecorative Molding

This revolutionary new product combines brilliantly colored real copper, the lightweight performance of aluminum and the protective power of Lexan polycarbonate resin thermoplastic. The 4EverBright product line is designed to be the prettiest, lightest and most versatile siding and decorative metal solution on the market today.

4EverBright Sample

4EverBright copper sheeting offers a number of unique benefits for construction and home improvement use:

  • The pure amber hue of 4EverBright real copper sheeting and coils will not fade or tarnish; it stays fresh and true thanks to the coating of Lexan that keeps copper away from air.

  • Lexan polycarbonate resin thermoplastic has unmatched durability and is the same material used to bulletproof the U.S. President's vehicles and in banks and airplanes.

  • Aluminum construction ensures sturdy, lightweight performance for a wide range of uses; 4EverBright coils and sheeting weigh up to 90 percent less than comparable copper coils and sheets.

The visual appeal of 4EverBright copper sheeting and coils is a unique feature of this advanced product. Brushed copper offers a matte appearance that stands up to wind and weather; in contrast, bright copper creates a shining amber-hued mirror that reflects light and can enhance any exterior area of the home. A patina effect is also available. Lexan coatings protect the copper against scratches, dents and oxidation to ensure the most durable and beautiful products possible for our customers.

4EverBright Sample

This new and innovative copper sheeting and coil product line can be used in a wide range of consumer, commercial and construction applications:

  • Jewelry can sparkle and shine forever when 4EverBright is incorporated into its design.

  • Roofing, siding and paneling can take on a brilliant copper luster sure to appeal to homeowners for interior and exterior remodeling projects.

  • Flooring can stand up to daily use and still look brilliant with 4EverBright's lasting durability.

  • Guttering and exterior trim constructed of 4EverBright's brilliant copper can enhance the appearance of any office building or home.

Lightweight and easy to use, the new product will be available at Home Depot and other leading retail hardware outlets. It can also be ordered directly from the manufacturer at alsacorp.com/alsa_metals. Laminating and coating services are also available for the company's unique metal creations.

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