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Done with diamond plate? Try Alsa Metals
48" inch aluminum coil or sheets in your choice of thickness.
Decorated like no metal you've ever seen!

Alsa is America's most innovative supplier of automotive paint and textures, chrome paint, vinyl-car wrap films, and exotic finishes. Now we have entered into the world of Metal Coil. Our prepainted aluminum coils, sheets & blanks will enhance the beauty, durability, and functionality, of any product you produce.

As the premier producer of vinyl-coated (also called laminated or clad) metal finishes, we offer an enormous, exciting and ever-expanding palette of beautiful colors, patterns and textures. We can impart the look and feel of vibrant and subtle hues, exotic textures, rich matte, warm and cool metallics, and our patented SoftCoil®

While our Precoated finishes are top-of-the-line, they're also likely to benefit your company's bottom-line. Our metal coatings expertise and resources can advance your product design, marketing, manufacturing, and success. Coated and Laminated coil and sheets are the number one choice for building and manufacturing today.


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