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ChromeFX Kit is complete with 50 sq. ft. of chrome, consisting of:

All Necessary Guns
Silvering Chemicals
Topcoat & 3 Candy Concentrates

Complete Instructions
Step by Step DVD's

• Finally ChromeFX shine from a spray can ... and they said it couldn't be done.

• System is reusable over and over again.

• NO paint guns needed, they are included in the kit.

• NO compressors, spray booths, tubes or hoses to tie you down.

• Works indoors & outdoors.

alsa chromeFX kit

• This kit is the game changer to all who follow chrome paint developments.

• Bye bye brush plating! (Use outside with gold tint)


ChromeFX Kit Alsa

• Now spray ChromeFX anywhere!

• ChromeFX Kit will do anything our machines can do but are only limited to liquid capacity.

• After one application, you will have to refill. It is not recommended to stop the chroming process
--even after a few seconds.

•The kit comes equiped with 16 oz. jars.

ChromeFX Kit Alsa

ChromeFX Kit Alsa

Product DevelopmentChromeFX Kit Alsa

ChromeFX machine

• A great way to test our larger systems.

• Take it where you want, chrome where you want.

• Spray guns can be used for 1k or 2k paints.

• Start a chroming business. This kit is ALL you -_--need.

• Chrome what you never could, like wood, plastic, --rocks etc.

• Designed for smaller items & parts.
--Up to a helmet or wheel size.

• Does a great colored chrome with our candies.


Additional Chemicals and Coatings packages
10 ft of Chrome - $99
36 ft of Chrome - $199
64 ft of Chrome- $299
150 ft of Chrome - $499
Larger quantities see our site for ChromeFX Coating Packages.

Additional Power Sprayers (Plastic jar) $19
Aluminum Power Sprayers. $39
Additional Chroming Unit. $199

Additional Chroming Unit $349 (With 25ft of coatings and chemicals)

ChromeFX Kit

Chrome spray anything from wood, plastic, metal, foam, vases, picture frames, faucet, helmet, furniture, doorknobs, car parts, car logos, guitars, body and prototype shops…anything!

“Simply the old art of making mirrors but reversed.”

ChromeFX Kit

• This system will chrome anything a $10,000 machine can.

• A great way to chrome smaller parts.

• Used for hard chrome repair.

• ChromeFX has a 100% chrome shine.

ChromeFX Kit

• Work in the field, home or from a truck. Start a business!

• ChromeFX can become a lifetime tool.

ChromeFX Kit

Notes & Tips

Silver nitrate stains the skin and everything it touches.
Wear protective gear and cover surrounding spray area completely.

Use only as much silver nitrate as needed for ones days worth of chrome.
Store the rest for later use.

The spray guns can be used to spray any other paints, chemicals, pesticides, room fresheners and etc.

Household Items You Will Need:
Hair dryer (to blow the water off)
Plastic Basin (for waste material)
Distilled or De-Ionized Water

You may use more than one chroming unit for larger surfaces.
Please call us as instructions are now being formulated.

Do not start chroming unless you are using new power sprayers.

ChromeFX Kit

This is a new product, details are being added. Information is now being input regarding resale packages and technical data. For contact about new product, please call (800) 999-4120.

Whats the difference between us and other sellers of ChromeFX type systems?

Mainly price and quality as Alsa is the only true manufacturer of coatings and machines.
We invite you to come watch the process.

All others were Alsa customers at one time and branched out. All are fine companies claiming one has a better secret than the other.Not true,silver nitrate systems are very similar.There are no secrets,only facts,and we know them all as the pioneers and world leaders of Chrome Paint. The only true secret is knowledge of the base chemicals,their interactions and application technique which Alsa has perfected over the last 20 years.All this is shown at our training center. Alsa shows no "Testimonials" as everyone of the pics sent in to our site is one.The company has developed a devoted following of all people seeking newness in surface treatment all over the world and has branches in 70 countries.

Visit us and see that you are not dealing with a middle man. From our DIY systems to robotic systems,we have all your Chrome Paint answers.