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Ready to see the Chrome World change again?

Click the Blue Chrome Ferrari to see the Color Show!

Stretch Chrome with Blue Candy

Now, with Alsa's Stretch Chrome Film you can chrome everything from a helmet to a bumper to a whole boat.
Or even something as small as a drawer handle or faucet.
Just stick the chrome on!
Stretches and pulls every which way!

Popular Chrome Colors

Hot Pink Stretch Chrome

Blue and Orange Chrome Wrap

Introducing KodaChrome

Give us the Nice Bright Colors!

All images are printed on Stretch Chrome Film using
a Latex Print with Alsa's Speed Clear Hard Coat!

The automotive coating provides a hard surface that can be buffed
and sanded. And it gives the image true depth, and a nice wet look.

Alsa KodaChrome Image

See our Alsa Paint Film section

Pretty Awesome Stuff!

Preparing and inspecting our Stretch Chrome for shipping

New Stretch Chameleon Films!

Check-out our New Prismatic Film!

  • Click to enlarge photo

The LATEST Straight Out of the Oven!

A fabulous new look. Never done before.
Green Stretch Chrome with medium PrizmaCoat.
$36.00 Square Foot

Our Stretch Chrome Wrap can be printed digitally or painted.
For a lasting finish, coat it with Alsa's famous 2K Speed Clear Coat.

Alsa Chrome Color Chart

If proper maintenance is preformed on a regular basis, your Chrome Wrap vehicle should last as long; or longer, than a car covered with standard automotive paint. And it actually keeps your car cooler, because the sun is reflected off the surface, instead of being absorbed into the body.

Our Chrome Wrap has a 5 year warranty. To extend the life of your Chrome Wrap, use our super scratch resistance ALSA 2K Speed Clear Coating.

We suggest that you find a professional installer to obtain the best result. You can check your local signage company that does car wrap. This product is DIY (do it yourself), but if this is your first attempt at using Car Wrap, you may want to get some professional assistance.

New Colors!


  • Alsa's stretch chrome can be candied over in copper, gold or any color.
  • Our Stretch Chrome Wrap is printable. Digitally or any other form of printing or painting.
  • Also for interiors, can be laminated to leather and sewn.
  • No memory. Alsa Chrome Film loves heat when stretched.
  • Do not overheat or you will burn the material. A gentle heat is best. Under 250F.
  • Storing in warm room is very helpful for elasticity or elongation of Chrome.
  • For the best results, use with a felt squeegee.
  • We are now developing thinner and thicker films with various adhesives.

Strech Chrome Film

  • CFX7 is 4 mil or 100 microns, vinyl film 60" wide
  • Coated with Alsa's chrome paint.
  • Hair blower or heat gun recommended.
  • Use low steady heat or you will burn it.
  • Can be coated with Alsa's famous 2k clear coat at additional cost. This is the hardest automotive coating to known to man.
  • Surface preparation is very important, remove all blemishes and imperfections before applying.
  • The adhesive is our special EasyTac PSA
  • It is repositionable and permanent.
  • No base coats, no waiting, no failure.
  • Stretch Chrome Film can be clear coated or tinted with candies. Copper,gold,or colored chromes. An Alsa clear coat will give it super protection.

Retail price is $7.99 per square foot*.

*Dealers please inquire.


Please be sure to visit our photo gallery to see great examples of this product.