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Product Info

T-Chrome produces a chrome effect during the day, yet lets the light shine through at night! Needs no top or base coat.

Chrome Paints


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Alsa Chrome Paint


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Bullet Points

T-Chrome is applied using standard HVLP spray guns or Air Brushes. It is an easy and forgiving paint to work with, as long as you apply it with heavy air and a light volume of paint coming out of the gun, so that you just “mist” it over the surface until you have an even deposition.

*NOTE: Do not over apply or your finish will be dull.

** Warning: MirraChrome paint is highly flammable. Please take care in storing and applying it away from open flame or high heats. It is also poisonous if ingested, so please store it away from children.Due to the inability of Alsa to anticipate or control conditions whereby Alsa products will be employed, Alsa does not represent or guarantee that any Alsa product is fit for a particular purpose. Alsa products should be tested by users to determine suitability for a particular purpose. Alsa disclaims responsibility for claims and damages beyond replacement of any defective Alsa product. There are no warranties which extend beyond the description on the face here of.

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