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Alsa’s Flakes are the best on the market. Our flakes are ultra-thin, easy to smooth out and sparkle like no other product on the market today. Flakes are available in medium and small sizes with a variety of colors and flake shapes.  


The Most Dramatic Color Changing Paint Available! Traditional color-changing paints create a swirl of different colors when you look at them from different angles. SpectraFX is different from these paints in that it creates a true “chameleon” color shift from 1 distinct color to another. This controlled color shift creates a much more dramatic effect, so that 2 people looking at the same object will see two completely different colors. Painted with Alsa’s Copper/Patina SpectraFX by Emerald GuitarThis dramatic color shift is the result of special, patented crystal flakes instead of color pigments used in traditional color-changing paints. And Alsa has put the creative control of these amazing crystal flakes in the consumers hands, by selling the flakes themselves instead of pre-mixed paints. So you are free to add them to any type of clear paint or coating you would like and you can also adjust the amount of flakes used to change effects.

Super Glow

Super Glow has no color during the day, but glows a bright Blue or White color in the dark. SuperGlow needs just a fraction of the amount of charge time to produce a bright glow for hours.