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With the Alsa-Max PURI-027 you will experience a whole new world of paint delivery and efficiency. By eliminating the static charge on the surface as well as in your actual air supply you will see an immediate difference. Without static, paint particles are able to align perfectly on the surface (see below) meaning less material needed for complete coverage essentially achieving in 2 coats what would normally take 3-4 coats. Aside from the coverage, by “IONIZING” your air supply you can now eliminate dust and debris from the surface of plastics etc. by simply blowing it with air, once the surface has been “blown” off the surface is now “IONIZED” and static free meaning the dust and debris can’t return.

As you can see by using the Alsa-Max PURI-027 you will use less material, have a much cleaner finish, experience faster dry time and above all achieve a better finish to every project.
  • No Painter can be without it
  • Newest invention since HVLP
  • Better Coverage (Up to 50% in paint savings)
  • Eliminate Static – Dust
  • Provides Perfect Orientation of any paint
  • Gives an O.E. Finish to any product
  • Reduces Drying Time by up to 40%
  • Designed to meet or exceed UL and CE standards


AlsaMAX PURI-027



Installation Guide



Q. What is the Alsa-Max PURI-027?
A. The Alsa-Max is a fully programmable ionization controller. This device will ionically charge your supplied air. By simply connecting it in-line to your air system you will see instant results.
Q. Does it require electricity?
A. Yes, the Alsa-Max come supplied with a power cord and must be plugged into a 110V socket outside your paint booth. (NOTE: The Alsa-Max PURI-027 CANNOT be mounted on the inside of your paint booth).
Q. Does it require maintenance?
A. By insuring you have clean (oil free, dry) air going to your Alsa-Max you can expect years of trouble free operation. There are no filters to change or maintenance required.
Q. How do I program my Alsa-Max?
Your Alsa-Max come to you preprogrammed for optimal use under general conditions. Advanced programming (rate of sweep, intensity, voltage) can be controlled via connection to a PC or Laptop (additional software required).
Q. Do I have to use a computer to control my Alsa-Max?
A. No, inside the Alsa-Max is also an analog control knob giving you the ability to change the voltage intensity and ionic efficiency.
Q. Do I still need an air compressor?
A. Yes, your Alsa-Max will not supply air. An air compressor is still required. (NOTE: For best results your Alsa-Max should be used in combination with and Air Dryer and Moisture/Oil filter.)
Q. What type of airhose and size is recommended for use with AlsaMax
A. Although a longer airhose can be used we recommend using a rubber airhose that is no more then 30 feet long for best results.
Q. How much PSI can the AlsaMax handle?
A. The AlsaMax pressure inlet can handle up to 180 PSI