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Alsa Pure System

Product Info

Laboratory grade water on demand for the Ultimate in Quality Spray Chrome!

   Produce laboratory grade water at the turn of a valve!

Produce a superior silver deposit with the most mirror-like, brilliant finish possible when using your ALSA Chrome FX™ System.


  • Eliminates yellowing and improves adhesion of silver due to poor water quality
  • Lowest cost per gallon for laboratory grade DI water
  • More capacity with higher purity and longer lifer than any bulk resin tank
  • Convenient, easy change cartridges- no messy bulk carbon or resin to change or dispose of eliminates water purity degradation common with single stage DI/carbon tank systems
  • Built in Battery operated water purity meter


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Alsa Pure Water Filtration System
Includes: 3 Water Tanks, Pressure Gauge, Hose Fitting, Water Purity Tester
Price: $2,900.00

Product Documentation


Download here: AlsaPure Manual

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