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Bacteria Buster

The World’s First 2-in-1 Anti-bacterial Treatment System

Comes With A Pleasant Pine Scent

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Product Info


Introducing the innovative Micro Anti Bacteria Sterilizing System that is designed to eliminate up to 99% (as tested by TUV) of germs, bacteria and fungus lurking inside air conditioning systems of vehicles and properties. Most people take for granted the air we breathe thinking that is safe and clean when in actual fact there are literally millions of germs, bacteria and fungus growing inside the air conditioning system. Until now, it was an extreme tedious and expensive task to clean and remove the germs, bacteria and fungus from air conditioning system as it would take a lot of time and equipment to do so.

Micro mist is quick and easy to apply with great results within 20 minutes. There is no need to dismantle the air conditioning system to treat the problem.

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Bacteria Buster by Alsa Refinish

Video Demo


Dealers Alsa Refinish - Bacteria Buster
Treatment Package


75 Treatments
Micro Mist Machine





Suggested Retail Price for Treatment Service: $29.00

ec48b435-b89b-4354-8b54-4bbaa57328b4We are so confident that our Bacteria Buster will make you money, we offer a 100% unconditional money back guarantee. Our trained staff can provide professional guidance to help you get started.

Application Guide

Click Here to Download the Bacteria Buster APPLICATION GUIDE!
Bacteria Buster caters for all industries.
Critical areas include:
  • Vehicles

    – Cars, bus, vans, trucks, planes, train, taxis

  • Homes

    – Bedrooms, toilets, living room and kitchen

  • Offices

    – Conference rooms, office rooms, kitchen, pantry, toilets

  • Restaurants

    – Kitchen, toilets and dining areas

  • Hotels

    – Bedrooms, common areas, lobby, toilets

  • Schools

    – Classrooms, library, toilets, cafeteria, playground equipment

  • Shopping Malls

    – Toilets, common areas, shopping trolleys

  • Hospitals & Clinics

    – Toilets, surgical theatres, treatment rooms, recovery rooms

It only takes 10 minutes to sterilize a car!

(Can also be used for air conditioning units)



How does the Micro Mist Bacteria Buster work?

-Based on the 21st century technology, we use a uniquely designed sterilizing device to atomize our proprietary anti-bacteria solution into microscopic mist containing millions of nano-scale sized cleaning particles. Due to the microscopic size of the cleaning particles, germs and bacteria can no longer hide. The mist is able to penetrate all areas of the ventilation system. It is especially effective in areas of cars that are hard to reach, such as under the dashboard, the carpet, headliner and seat cushion foam. Bacteria Buster kills the germs and bacteria hiding in these areas.

How does the treatment kill bacteria?

-Bacteria, fungi, and larger virus are dissolved from the outside inwards. Whereas, smaller virus are dissolved from the inside outwards. The starting point in the manufacture of our chemical is natural plant oil. A small detergent moiety is first added to one end of the plant molecules and that end is then given a positive charge. The last manufacturing phase is to combine these trilogy molecules with acidity modifiers and a glycol carrier. The positive charge on the trilogy molecules attracts them to the negative charge on bacteria. Once in contact, the detergent aspect dissolves holes in the outside wall of the bacterium and proceeds inwards to destroy the nucleic acid. The detergent aspect also dissolves and kills fungi, yeasts, and “membrane bound” virus like herpes, hepatitis, and many other virus. Small virus like calici have tough outer coats constructed from tightly coiled proteins held together by ionic forces. The chemical’s technology kills these virus in seconds. The acidity modifiers inactivate the ionic forces, causing the coiled proteins to slightly separate thus allowing the ddetergent aspect to enter the virus and destroy the nucleic acid. In essence, our chemical’s properties make it one of the most effective and safest anti-bacteria treatment systems on the market.

What does the Micro Mist Bacteria Buster treatment leave behind?

-After the treatment is complete, all that’s left is a clean and fresh environment, which is pine-scented and 99.9% germ and bacteria-free.

Is the Micro Mist Bacteria Buster treatment scented?

-Bacteria Buster treatment will leave a faint pine smell during application. The smell will disappear after a few days.

How long will the effects of the treatment last?

-Depending on the usage of the vehicle or number of people occupying the premise, on average, the effect of the treatment will last about 3 to 4 months. We usually recommend sterilizing again every 3 to 4 months to have an optimally clean environment.

Is Bacter Buster treatment toxic?

-No, it is harmless and safe for humans and pets.

Why do we need the Bacteria Buster treatment?

-It is a good treatment for preventative maintenance to improve indoor air quality. Our living environment is dirtier than we realize. Over 60% of people falling sick are due to airborne bacteria and virus. The Bacteria Buster treatment will protect your health from the contaminated air that we are forced to breathe in every day.

How long does the treatment process take?

-It takes on average 12 minutes per car and about 15 minutes per standard size bedroom. For larger spaces, it may take up to 25 minutes. For large conference rooms or living rooms, it may require double process to allow sufficient sterilizing to take place.

Do I need to prepare my house or car for the treatment?

-We just recommend the removal of loose items or items that are sensitive to a bit of moisture.

Will Bacteria Buster Micro Mist clog up my air conditioning filter?

-No, it will not block or clog up the air conditioning filter. The nano-sized particles are very small and will go through the filter without leaving any residue unlike spray and wipe type of anti-bacterial solutions or other oil-based spray on solutions. Spray-on solutions has much larger particles which will get trapped in the air conditioning filter mesh and potentially clog up the mesh in the filters. Bacteria Buster Micro Mist is administered in a fine mist form which will permeate through any filter without blocking and clogging.