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Candy Concentrates

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Alsa Apple Red and Merlot Candy Concentrate
by Master Detail

Product Info

prizmacoat_speedshape1_MAlsa Candy Concentrate are liquid additives designed to provide maximum compatibility and color impact. Candy Concentrate can be added to a variety of “carriers” including Alsa Speed Clear, Lightning Clear, Color Blender, Clear4Chrome and other compatible clears. By design, these Candy Concentrate are meant to be applied over the top of your basecoat.


Unlike typical candy concentrate, ALSA’s Candy Concentrate contain much higher levels of actual pigment rather than solvent, giving you nearly twice the coverage and a much more even distribution of color. We have many candy concentrates with which any candy color can be achieved.



Candy  Concentrates

4 Ounces

Candy Concentrates

8 Ounces

Candy Concentrates

11 Color Set – 4oz. Each


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For European customers who want to place an order, please contact info@alsacorp.com or lionel@alsacorp.com. You may also call us at 323-515-1100.


Alsa Base Pearls Killer Can

Also available in Killer Cans!

Several Colors to Choose From!

$49.95 / can
€64.95 / can


Bullet Points

Alsa’s Candy paint kit has everything you need to get that “old school” wet look, commonly referred to as a “candy” paint job. Applied as a layered application, this paint provides a super deep wet look, and incredible depth of color.

  • Nearly twice the pigment level of standard concentrates
  • Superior coverage
  • Less streaking
  • Total control over color depth, and shade.
  • Extremely clear crisp color
  • Will not bleed through graphics
How To (Application Guide):
  1. Make sure you have good conditions for spraying. The best temperature for spraying these paints, is 70-80 degrees F, and humidity of no greater than 50%.
  2. Always apply paints in a well-ventilated area, and wear a NIOSH approved respirator to avoid breathing any fumes.
  3. Prepare and prime your part first. Epoxy primers are best for bare metal, and primer surfacers are best for plastics, fiberglass, or wood. Some plastics may require an adhesion promoter but most plastics, like ABS plastic, are fine without adhesion promoters.
  4. Before applying your primer, remove all dirt, grease, oil, salt, and chemical contaminants, by washing the surface with a commercial detergent, or other suitable cleaning method.
  5. Rinse with fresh water and allow to completely dry.
  6. Remove any existing loose paint, or rust, etc, with a wire brush or sand paper.
  7. Lightly sand glossy surfaces to create a surface profile for adhesion.
  8. Apply your primer to the surface according to the manufacturers’ specifications for your particular primer.
  9. Let your primer cure according to the manufacturers specifications for your particular primer, and then lightly scuff that to create a surface profile for adhesion.
  10. Reduce your Nevada Silver base coat 1:1 with the medium reducer included in your kit, and apply this over your primed piece. Apply 1-2 medium wet coats, using a steady even passes, with about 15-20 minutes between coats. Let this dry for about 15-20 minutes, and you are ready to proceed with the candy coloring.
  11. Reduce your color blender 1:1 with the medium reducer included in your kit.
  12. Add your candy coloring to your reduced color blender at about 1oz of candy per quart of ready to spray color blender. That is the “standard” mixing ratio for candies, however, candies are added according to personal tastes, and you can add more or less, depending on how dark you want to color.
  13. Now apply 2-3 coats average, or as many coats as you want to achieve the desired color of your tinted color blender over the Nevada silver base coat, again, using very steady even passes. Try to make the coats as even as possible, as variations in the thickness of this coat will produce different shades of color. Also, the more coats of color you apply, the darker the final color will be. Let this dry for about 15-20 minutes, and you are ready to top coat the color blender with the final top coat.
  14. Mix your Speed Clear top coat 4:1 with the hardener included in the kit. Apply 2-3 coats of clear coat over your tinted color blender, with about 10-15 minutes dry time between coats.
  15. Let the finished piece cure for 24 hours, and you can now polish, and buff your top coat as with any standard automotive clear, to produce a SUPER wet look.

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Product Showcase


Q. How much do I need to add?

The unique thing about ALSA’s Candy Concentrate is the fact that you need very little, unlike the recommended 20% ratio of other manufacturers. With ALSA’s Candy you need just a few drops per pint or quart so very little will go a long way.

Q. Will ALSA’s Candy pool, streak, or bleed?

Due to the fact we designed these Candies to go over our chrome products they are extremely clear and crisp. Also these Candies will not bleed through your graphics or into your final clear allowing you to maintain the integrity of your work.

Q. What types of solvents will ALSA’s candy work in?

ALSA’s candy will work equally well in virtually any solvent including but not limited to, lacquers, urethanes, enamels, and acrylics.