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Chameleon Fabric

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Product Info

Color – Shifting Fabrics in Leather, Cotton, PVC, and Much More

Color-shifting chameleon coatings have been used in the exterior automotive industry for years. Many of these unique coatings come from us at The Alsa Corporation. We are now expanding our chameleon product line from just paint to include fabrics such as leathers, PVC’s, P.U.’s, and other fabrics. This is accomplished by actually applying our patented chemical technologies to the fabric to bring you the most unusual and beautiful fabrics anywhere. Whether it’s for the automotive, fashion, upholstery, packaging or any other industry our chameleon fabrics are bound to help your products stand out in the marketplace. All our fabrics can be custom made for performance, toughness, thickness, width and are available in a limitless array of color combinations.


Our Chameleon Fabrics are so versatile the possibilities are endless. Here are just a few of the many applications:

  • Automotive Interiors
  • Furniture
  • Fashion Accessories
  • Fashion
  • Household Products
  • Packaging
  • Anywhere you would normally apply leather but want a special look to stand out in the marketplace.


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For volume orders please contact us for special price quote. 323.515.1100/info@alsacorp.com


Must be ordered by the linear foot   (12” x 60″)

$15.99/sq. ft.


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