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Chrome Leathers

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Product Info

Finally a Chrome Leather that will stand up to any abuse.
ALSA Chrome Leathers offer extraordinary beauty with high performance features. They are created using our patented chroming process which affords these materials with a superior level of abrasion resistance, stretchability, all with an amazing mirror-like finish. Most Mirror like leathers on the marketplace today are created by laminating a shiny foil to leather. This process creates a leather product that is easily scratched, doesn’t stretch, has poor reflectivity and has tedency to crack or delaminate. Now as every industry looks to satisfy the market demand for metallic finishes, the toughness and high reflectivity of ALSA Chrome Leathers will allow manufacturers to create leather products with a chrome like finish that they never thought possible before. Chrome Leather can be pressed and embossed with many patterns available. All of our Chrome Leathers pass Standard SAEJ 1885 UV Rating tests and can be custom milled to meet your specifications. They are available in a variety of custom thicknesses, widths and in a nearly limitless array of colors.


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Must be ordered by the linear foot   (12” x 60″)

$15.99/sq. ft.

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