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Clear 4 Chrome

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 Product Info

Finally it is here! A clear coat paint for real chrome that actually sticks.

NOTE: Clear 4 Chrome is a clearcoat that can be used in combination with our Candy Concentrates to achieve brilliant colored chrome finishes. Clear 4 Chrome is for your existing chrome and should not be confused with our many other products that CREATE Chrome like finishes.

Alsa’s newest topcoat Clear 4 Chrome gives you the ability to seal and protect your chrome or polished metal surface without having to worry about it peeling off in sheets like a standard clearcoat.


By simply adding a little of our Candy Concentrates to the clear you can achieve beautiful colored chrome effects and even a “true” brilliant gold finish.

Clear 4 Chrome works great as a stand alone clear for production, but can be topcoated with our Speed Clear to provide a sandable final finish the same as any other paint job!


Clear 4 Chrome

1 Gallon

Clear 4 Chrome

1 Quart


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Clear 4 Chrome Hardener

8 Ounces

Clear 4 Chrome Hardener

1 Quart


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Application Guide

Mix the Clear 4 Chrome at a ratio of 4:1 parts by volume with APCH-712 Hardener
  1. Clean the surface to remove any smudges etc.
  2. Apply 1-2 coats allowing 10-15 minutes between coats.
  3. (Optional) Follow with 1-3 coats of our Speed Clear SC1230 for added durability.
  4. For maximum protection Clear 4 Chrome should be baked at 140° F for 2-4 hours or up to 250° F for a period of 1 hour.


Clear 4 Chrome (APC-712) MSDS

Clear 4 Chrome Hardener (APCH-712) MSDS

Clear 4 Chrome Thinner (APCT-712)

Product Showcase


Q. What is Clear 4 Chrome?

Clear 4 Chrome is a clear coat product and can be combined with our Candy Concentrates to produce colored chrome finishes. It is a clear coat that achieves incredible adhesion to Chrome allowing you to clearcoat your chrome and never have to polish it up again, or simply change it from chrome to gold in 1 easy step.

Q. Is Clear 4 Chrome suitable for high temperature applications, i.e. motorcycle exhaust pipes?

Clear 4 Chrome can be applied over nearly any substrate however we do not recommend applications over a substrate exposed to extreme temperatures as with exhaust pipes which can reach temperatures of up to 1200° F.