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Lightning Clear

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Product Info

ALSA developed a NEW revolutionary product that has now made MirraChrome much easier. There is no need to wait 7 days for the MirraChrome process, now the process can be completed in 1-2 days, no extra cost involved. The secrets of this new revolutionary development is ALSA’s Lighting Clear Coat. The product can also be baked at 140˚F in order to achieve faster results.


Clear Coat

Lightning Clear Coat
Clear Coat
Lightning Clear Coat

1 Gallon

Lightning Clear Coat

1 Quart


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Clear Coat

Application Guide

  1. Allow your basecoat to fully dry. You are now ready to apply the Lightning Clear.
  2. Apply 2 wet coats to ensure uniform coverage.
  3. Let flash off before applying your final clear or taping off graphics.
  4. For durability you can topcoat with a poly-urethane Clear Coat as you would with any other paint job.