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Clear Protect Spray-On

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Product Info


Crystal clear dip your car, to show off your paint, or protect anything in transport.

Car Protection Paint

Spray it on; Peel it off.
Invisible, seamless protection applied a liquid, and dries to a continuous invisible film. Removable and safe for clear coat. Lasts for over 1 year. Protects any painted surface such as hoods, bumpers, fenders, mirrors, rocker panels, and more.


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Clear Protect Peel Off Paint

1 Quart

Clear Protect Peel Off Paint

1 Gallon


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Bullet Points

When applying, be sure the surface; is smooth and clean. For headlights or plastic, we recommend applying wax as a base. Peel Off Paint Clear Protect Spray-On can also be applied to Furniture, or any surface that needs a clear protective coating.

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