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Dip Chrome Paint

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Product Info

Removable Chrome Paint

The World’s First Peelable Sprayable Chrome

It’s the latest DIY (Do It Yourself) product from Alsa!


Kit includes:

3 Gallons of Paint Wrap Base (your choice of color) A pint kit of MirraChrome base and top coat.


If you want to have Chrome only without a color base, this will require additional coats of MirracChrome If you want Color Chrome, pick your preferred Base Coat color. This will determine the chrome color.


To achieve the Color Chrome effect, DUST on the MirraChrome. Just dusted!


The Kit has enough paint to cover a medium sized sedan.
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Special Note: All Paint Wrap colors are Matte finish.

For volume orders please contact us for special price quote. 323.515.1100/info@alsacorp.com


Application Guide

SPECIAL NOTE: PAINT WRAP WILL NOT DRY PROPERLY BELOW 70°F We recommend a temperature above 70° F. Can not be removed in cold. It needs at least 70° F to remove. Do not apply to a porous surface like raw wood,  old car paint, etc. Requires 30 days to fully cure.
If your vehicle is an older model with lots of fall out, it is best to buff it with a rubbing compound.
Begin by washing the vehicle or part.
It is highly recommended that a small test area/panel be done prior to starting any project.


  1. Surface must be smooth and cleaned.
  2. Alsa Paint Wrap is ready to use, mix well and strain Alsa Paint Wrap before application.
  3. You will need a gravity gun with a 2.0 to 3.0 tip. If you don’t have such a tip you may water it down 5% to 10% with distilled water for better results.(additional coats may be required) Or Airless equipment may be used with a tip size # .011 or .019
  4. The ideal temperature to spray the product is at 70°F. It will not work in temperatures below 60°F.
  5. Apply a light tack coat of Base Paint Wrap and let it flash off 15 minutes. Then follow it with 3 medium wet coats of Base, allowing 15 to 30 minute flash time in between coats. (Cooler temperature and humidity will prolong time in between coats).
  6. Apply 3 medium wet coats of Alsa Paint Wrap Topcoat Color allowing 15 to 30 minutes flash time in between coats. (Cooler temperature and humidity will prolong time in between coats).
  7. Allow the finished product to dry for 24 hours. It will be dry to the touch within 3 to 4 hours.
  8. Clean up your equipment with water. (Warm water works better)
  9. For the first two to three weeks, wipe clean with a damp cloth.
  10. Do not use any household or automotive cleaners containing alcohol, solvent, or ammonia to clean the car or part.
  11. Allow a full 30 days for Paint Wrap to cure. This will provide the resistance and adhesion required to prevent scrapes and scratches.
  12. Coating should be checked for adhesion every 2 months.

Paint Wrap Removal Guide

  1. Ambient Temperature should be 70°F to 80°F.
  2. Start by removing the edges.
  3. Once you lift up the edge, try to make a film, and take it off in big sheets.
  4. If you feel that it is hard to remove you can use a hair dryer or heat gun to warm it up and release the film from the surface (be patient).
  5. After removing all Paint Wrap, you can wash the car as you would normally do.
  6. If you leave Paint Wrap on for over 6 months, and too much adhesion occurs, re-coat it again with Paint Wrap and it will be ready to come off easily.

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