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Flop Crystals

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Product Info

Flop Crystals, just like our Crystal Pearls, produce the traditional pearlescent look along with an intense chameleon like color change. Flop Crystals contain a wide range of pearl sizes as well as metalized chips ranging in particle size from 1 micron to 300 microns giving you amaizing depth as well as sparkle.




Flop Crystals 2 Ounces


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Application Guide

  1. Prep and prime the surface as you would any normal paint job.
  2. Apply 2 wet coats to ensure uniform coverage.
  3. Let flash off before applying your final clear or taping off graphics.
  4. Topcoat with a poly-urethane clearcoat as you would with any other paint job.

Add four to six ounces per pint of ready to spray clear.