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Hydro-Graphics Water Transfer Printing

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Product Info

HydroGraphic Printing also known as Water Transfer Printing– Easy To Do Graphics! Ever wonder how those beautiful wood patterns and carbon graphite looks are made? It is this method: Water Transfer Printing. You Simply float a piece of film on tepid to warm water. You can do the work in a deep plastic container a sink or a bath tub.

Water Transfer Printing is also referred as Hydro Graphics, Hydro Imaging, and even Camo Dipping. The water printing process consist of transfering a pattern to an object using water displacement. Any material that is hard surfaced and non porous such as glass, wood, metals, fiberglass, ceramics and all types of plastics and can be submerged in water without harm  can be printed. There are hundreds of patterns to choose from. You may choose to have a custom print produced from a photograph or a sample pattern to fit your product.



Hydro-Graphics Water Transfer

(Yard / Any pattern)


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Also available in Activator/Base Coat/Top Coat Cans!

$39.95 / can


HydroGraphic Sample Kits

Large Kit
Medium Kit
Small Kit

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Application Guide

  1. Spray object with basecoat and let dry.
  2. Get a large plastic container, fill with water.
  3. Place film side up.
  4. Use your finger and gently push away any air bubbles.
  5. Spray activator on film.
  6. Take object and dip, and swoop film up out of water. Water pressure forces the print ink onto the product surface.
  7. Let water run off object. You may use hair blower.
  8. Let dry.
  9. Printed part can be coated with a high performance clear finish for protection and added durability.

Easy to do at Home! Keep water temperature 70F. A sink,bathtub or plastic container will do as your dripping tank. Make sure it’s deep enough! It’s that simple! Everybody over complicates this process. It’s really not a big deal. We will guide you with instructions for large heavy items. Please call Alsa at 800-999-4120. FREE SAMPLES


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