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Product Info


LAROLUX is the only 100 % 3D UV curing systems. This system is designed to add the advantage of a 3 dimensional cure on any part of any size.
  • Larolux is simply the fastest and most economical UV Curing System in the world.
  • Larolux allows you to UV cure multiple pieces, of different shapes and sizes, simultaneously.
  • Ambiant temperature curing. Perfect for heat sensitive parts.
  • Larolux allows multiple 3-D shapes without reconfiguration of the lamps.
  • Larolux allows different coating properties without sacrificing equipment configuration.
  • Larolux can use pigmented UV Curing Coatings with no problem.
  • The only 3D non rotational curing system in the world.
  • Can use a variety of bulbs including LED or microwave.
  • Achieves foolproof 100% UV light coverage/curing with no chance of any area being missed!.
  • What other systems cure in 12 seconds Larolux cures in 2 seconds AND in 3D.
  • Great metal adhesion.
  • No oxygen exposure.
  • Excellent for high build pigmented applications.
  • System can be adapted to small items like a golf ball to large such as a whole truck.

There simply is no match to the Larolux UV curing system anywhere!!!


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