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Dichroic Fabric

Alsa’s Dichroic-Fabrics combine the looks of colored chrome and the mesmerizing effect of a TRUE chameleon color change.

Chrome Leathers

ALSA Chrome Leathers offer extraordinary beauty with high performance features. They are created using our patented chroming process which affords these materials with a superior level of abrasion resistance, stretchability, all with an amazing mirror-like finish.

Chameleon Fabrics

Color-shifting chameleon coatings have been used in the exterior automotive industry for years. Many of these unique coatings come from us at The Alsa Corporation.

Chrome Fabric

The Alsa Corporation is proud to finally announce the release of it’s line of it’s stretchable chrome fabrics. Our Chrome Fabrics are the real deal and not just a laminated fabric or high gloss patent leather.