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Matte 1K Water Base

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Product Info


The Future of Automotive Coatings Alsa enters water based systems with the easiest to apply and dry, water based paints ever made. Comes with a 10 year warranty

In an effort to meet the ever changing demands of our customers, and the desire for a cleaner more eco-friendly product, ALSA is proud to introduce our new line of water based base coats.

Available in dozens of matte colors, these paints are easy to use, and make clean up a snap. They can also be clear coated with any high quality automotive clear, for incredible gloss.

Water-based paints are the future of automotive coatings. The transition from solvent-based paints, such as urethane, to water-based is something the Automotive has demanded for years. Although there are differences, there are also a number of similarities between water-based and solvent-based paints.

Water Base and Urethane Based technologies are the same in their core composition. They are composed of a pigment for color and a binder, giving water-based paints the same light-fastness and color options as a solvent-based paint. The key element which separates the two is the carrying agent, that is, the mode by which the pigment and binder are transmitted from the gun to the substrate.

Conventional paints use solvent, which rapidly dissipates from the surface, whereas water-based paints utilize water, which evaporates at a slower rate. The problem with solvent-based paint’s quicker cure time is the release of noxious fumes, a major drawback compared to water-based paints. However, as water-based paints continue to evolve, mild co-solvent reducers and additives are being introduced to improve performance and drying times.

Water based paints and solvent-based paints are typically compatible. Urethane primers, paints and clears work perfectly well with water-based paints. The key behind the compatibility is that water-based paints are non-reactive and able to accept and bond with any type of solvent, provided the content of the solvent is not too harsh or volatile. Urethane paints and modern lacquers with lower VOC content work well. Some enamels and lacquers use a very harsh solvent, which degrades the composition of water-based paints. It’s advisable to test first if you have any doubts about the compatibility of a product.


Retail Price
SPECIAL NOTE: For gloss or special effects, please use our Killer Cans, and topcoats.
A small car will use approximately 1-2 gallons, and a medium to large sedan willl use approximately 2-3 gallons to cover completely.





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