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Thanks to John and Joanne McCormack (http://www.mccormacksautocentre.com) from Canada for sending us photos of their BMW painted with Fuschia Candy Concentrate over MirraChrome. Great job!


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Product Info

jeepney car paintMirraChrome represents the latest in Reflective Paint Coating Technology. It’s near microscopic particle content provides superior surface orientation. This particle alignment is the key to MirraChrome’s shine. While many attempts have been made by others to achieve a “chrome paint” no one has come close. Through a rigorous development process we have established the specific process and coatings to allow MirraChrome to achieve remarkable brilliance and be clearcoated. That’s right, we said clearcoated. Alsa’s MirraChrome can be topcoated with the recommended MirraClear then a high quality automotive grade poly-urethane clearcoat such as Alsa’s Speed Clear without loosing its true chrome look.

MirraChrome can be applied with almost any type of spray equipment from airbrushes to full size HVLP guns.(We recommend Iwata’s LPH50 detail gun.) MirraChrome comes ready to spray meaning no reducers or hardeners, just pour it in your gun and spray, when you’re finished simply pour it back into it’s container to use later.

MirraChrome can be used on any surface you can paint such as metals, plastics, wood, foams etc. From trim pieces and logos to full blown custom paintjobs the possibilities are endless even use it to touch up real chrome! Got a scratch in the worst place? Blend it away with MirraChrome.


MirraChrome Finish - Alsa RefinishMirraChrome has the look of highly polished metal – not true chrome. For true chrome, please view our ChromeFX listing here. MirraChrome has no equal. Other companies are selling coatings which are simply a version of our Ghost Chrome – no product to date can compare to the reflection rate of MirraChrome. Many other have tried without success to bring you a top-coatable chrome spray. Only Alsa has done it! Using our complete MirraChrome kit, and following the required dry times, and application recommendations you can achieve a clear coated and completely durable finish 95-98% that of true chrome. Try it and see regardless of what they say there IS a chrome spray that can be topcoated and doesn’t look like simple spray paint when finished and it’s called MirraChrome.


If chrome isn’t enough for you try topcoating MirraChrome with your favorite shade of Candy Concentrate to achieve stunning colored chrome finishes.

Carefully follow the steps in our application guide and review the demonstration videos as this is a truly unique process! We have an experienced technical staff ready to assist with any questions you may have (before and after your purchase).


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Clear Top Coat Paint


4 Ounces


8 Ounces


1 Pint


1 Quart


1 Gallon


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MirraChrome Kits

NEW (1K) MirraChrome KITS ALSA developed a NEW revolutionary product that has now made MirraChrome much easier. There is no need to wait 7 days, now the process can be completed in 1-2 days, no extra cost involved. The secrets of this new revolutionary development is ALSA’s Lighting Clear. This is a one component topcoat that air dries. These products can also be baked at 140˚F in order to achieve faster results.

Clear Top Coat Kits


2K Pint Kit


2K Quart Kit


2K Gallon Kit

1K Quart Kit Includes:
1 qt MirraChrome, 1 qt MirraClear, 1 pt Black Basecoat, 1 qt Reducer & 1 Polishing Cloth
1K Gallon Kit Includes:
1 gal MirraChrome, 1 gal MirraClear, 2 qts Black Basecoat, 2 qts Reducer & 1 Polishing Cloth
2K Pint Kit Includes:
1 pt MirraChrome, 1 qt Speed Clear, 8 oz Speed Clear Hardener, 1 qt Black Basecoat, 1 qt Reducer & 1 Polishing Cloth
2K Quart Kit Includes:
1 qt MirraChrome, 1 qt Speed Clear, 8 oz Speed Clear Hardener, 1 qt Black Basecoat, 1 qt Reducer & 1 Polishing Cloth
K Gallon Kit Includes:
1 gal MirraChrome, 1 gal Speed Clear, 1 qt Speed Clear Hardener, 2 qts Black Basecoat, 2 qt Reducer & 1 Polishing Cloth

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Bullet Points

  • Actual finish after top coat resembles SUPER high polish aluminum
  • The closest looking finish to true chrome available in a paint
  • Near molecular scale metallic pigment provides amazing coverage, and smooth even look of real metal, because it IS REAL METAL!
  • Wide variety of uses. Wood, metal, plastic, fiberglass, and more
  • Stunning as a base for candies…must be seen to appreciate
  • Great for hobbyists, or craft makers
  • Mirrachrome can also be used to back coat clear plastics. Looks like real chrome from the front.
  • Advanced UV protection for long lasting color
How To (Application Guide):
Surface Application:
  1. Always apply paints in a well-ventilated area, and wear a NIOSH approved respirator to avoid breathing any fumes.
  2. Make sure you have good conditions for spraying. The best temperature for spraying this paint, is 75-80 degrees F, and VERY low humidity.
  3. Prepare and prime your part first. Epoxy primers are best for bare metal, and primer surfacers are best for plastics, fiberglass, or wood. Some plastics may require an adhesion promoter but most plastics, like ABS plastic, are fine without adhesion promoters. Our tech support department can assist with what primer is best, if you are uncertain.
  4. Before applying your primer, remove all dirt, grease, oil, salt, and chemical contaminants, by washing the surface with a commercial detergent, or other suitable cleaning method.
  5. Rinse with fresh water and allow to completely dry.
  6. Remove any existing loose paint, or rust, etc. with a wire brush or sand paper.
  7. Lightly sand glossy surfaces to create a surface profile for adhesion.
  8. Apply your primer to the surface according to the manufacturer’s specifications for your particular primer.
  9. Let your primer cure according to the manufacturers specifications for your particular primer, and then lightly scuff that to create a surface profile for adhesion.
MirraChrome Application: Mirrachrome is a VERY technique driven application. It is sold as a kit, as it is very sensitive to clears. You should only use OUR clear coat with this material. This application can take a fair amount of practice to become proficient with. Patience is the KEY. Test panels are strongly urged, in order to develop the correct “FEEL” for spraying the chrome material. A very light dusting technique will be needed, and is critical to the application. Over applying the Mirrachrome will result in a dull finish, similar to silver paint. Application: If applying over an ALREADY PAINTED SURFACE, lightly scuff the existing paint to create a surface for adhesion.
  1. We are starting with the black base coat (ASB-13). This is reduced 1:1 with the medium reducer in your kit (AMR2712).Apply 2 coats of the black base coat to your prepared piece, with about 10-15 minutes flash time between coats. Apply the 2 coats using a steady back and forth motion, about 6-10 inches from your substarate, until even coverage is achieved. Once coated, let the black base coat flash for another 10-15 minutes, and then you are ready to clear coat the black base coat.
  2. Mix your Speed Clear (SC1230) with the included hardener (H-222) at a ratio of 4:1. Now apply your speed clear over the black base coat, using steady even passes, from about 8-12 inches away from the substarate. Apply 2 medium wet coats with about 10 -15 minutes flash between coats.At this point, you can should have a VERY wet glossy reflective black surface. This is a very important starting place for the application. You should have as close to a black mirror as possible befor proceeding. Then make sure the clear coat on your black base coat cures for a full 7 days, or bake overnight at 140 degrees F, to insure it is TOTALLY CURED. That is also critical to the application. If the clear coat is not fully cured, this will also dull the finish. After curing for the full 7 days, you can now wet sand, and buff your clear coat, until it is as smooth as possible. Glass-like is ideal. The more glass-like your surface, the better the reflectivity will be. You are now ready to begin chroming your piece.
  3. Touch-up gun is recommended. Set the material volume on your gun very low. Competely close the material volume, and then open it back up about ¼ of a turn. Apply the Mirrachrome (MC-101) to your clear coated black base coat, in a VERY LIGHT DUSTING FASHION, from about 8-10 inches away from the substrate, and at about 35-40 PSI air pressure, continuing to make passes over the surface, and VERY BRISK PASSES, until you achieve the effect.Moving your hand too slowly when making your passes will result in a “Stacking” of the metal particles, and kill the shine when top coated. If you are getting a flat metal, or flat aluminum look, then the product is almost certainly over applied. It is very easy to apply too much of the material. This is not uncommon, and can take PRACTICE. Test panels are encouraged, in order to develop a good “feel” for this dusting application. What you are spraying is a hyper-ground metal (near molecular scale!), and you MUST NOT let this material stack up in any way. You are not going for a “Coat of Paint” like with a regular liquid pigment. It needs to be dusted on extremely lightly, and evenly. This will take SEVERAL PASSES. Keep your eye on the clear coated black as you are making your passes, and when you reach the point that it looks like the last TINY BIT of black has JUST winked out of sight, stop right there. Let this dry for 24 hours, and then you can take the polishing cloth included in your kit, and VERY GENTLY wipe down the piece. This will help remove any metal particles that are “stacked up” on the surface, but not really stuck to anything. The material is so finely ground (near molecular scale) that you can actually wind up with a fair amount of this material (depending on how heavily it was sprayed) on the surface, that is not stuck to the clear coat on the black. It is just sitting there like a “nano-dust”. WHEN TOP COATED THESE LOOSE PARTICLES WILL FLOAT UP INTO THE TOP COAT, AND HURT THE REFLECTIVITY VERY BADLY. Do not apply too much pressure when wiping the Mirrachrome down, or you may move the pigment that is STUCK to the clear coat, and that will spoil the finish. You are now ready to top coat the Mirrachrome.
  4. Apply one medium wet coat of Speed Clear over the Mirrachrome. Apply this in a VERY steady, even passes, and as perfcetly as possiblle, as this is the coat that will lock down the Mirrachrome material, and have the most impact on final appearance.Let this dry for 24 hours. If additional coats are desired/required, then after waiting 24 hours for the first coat to cure, lightly scuff the clear, and shoot you additional coats over that, as you would any clear coat. You have now completed your Mirrachrome paint job! If after reading through this application guide, you find you are still having trouble, and require more assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our technical support staff. They are available Monday throught Thursday, 8am – 4pm, and Fridays, 8am – 12pm. You can reach us toll free at 1-800-999-4120

** Warning: MirraChrome paint is highly flammable. Please take care in storing and applying it away from open flame or high heats. It is also poisonous if ingested, so please store it away from children.Due to the inability of Alsa to anticipate or control conditions whereby Alsa products will be employed, Alsa does not represent or guarantee that any Alsa product is fit for a particular purpose. Alsa products should be tested by users to determine suitability for a particular purpose. Alsa disclaims responsibility for claims and damages beyond replacement of any defective Alsa product. There are no warranties which extend beyond the description on the face here of.

Product Showcase

Video Demo