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Easy Chrome Rose - Alsa Refinish
Easy Chrome
Gold and Silver Stretch Chrome Fabric
Colored Chrome - Alsa Refinish
Custom Paints

Newest Product Finish Technologies

We are constantly striving to stay ahead of market trends in order to offer the latest decorative product finishes. You will be amazed at many of the technologies we offer because they are so cutting edge. If we do not have exactly what you are looking for we can create special looks and feels for your products as we have for many prominent companies.

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Xposures Custom Paint - Alsa Refinish

Xposures® is the first coating of its kind that can be sprayed. Remember the mood ring? Well it is like that but 1 million times better. Xposures® can be sprayed, roller applied, brushed, or even silk-screened. It only reacts to heat and or sun, and achieves the most dramatic looks over dark bases, especially black.

Clear Coat on Rims - Alsa Refinish
Clear 4 Chrome

Clear 4 Chrome is a clearcoat that can be used in combination with our Candy Concentrates to achieve brilliant colored chrome finishes. Clear 4 Chrome is for your existing chrome and should not be confused with our many other products that CREATE Chrome like finishes.

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Clear Protect Peel Off Paint

Crystal clear dip your car, to show off your paint, or protect anything in transport. Spray it on; Peel it off. Invisible, seamless protection applied a liquid, and dries to a continuous invisible film. Removable and safe for clear coat. Lasts for over 1 year. Protects any painted surface such as hoods, bumpers, fenders, mirrors, rocker panels, and more.