Maison Furst

Maison Furst is located in Belgium and is our biggest distributor to France. As you’ll see from the photos below, our products are used to great effect!

Thierry Klinkenberg

Bike Trial is an individual sport performed by special bicycle of 20 inches or MTB 26 inches (which are the wheel sizes) where the rider must ride through specially designed natural and artificial sections in a certain time with as little physical contact with the ground as possible which means obtaining a minimum of penalty points. Everywhere Thierry Klinkenberg does a demonstration or a show, the spectators are fascinated watching him jumping, “flying”, climbing up, wondering how he does it. His bike was customized with Alsa’s Crystal FX, Blood Red Candy and Speed Clear.

Estonia is a country in Northern Europe and one of the first countries in the world to adopt a flat tax. It joined the European Union in 2004 and now has one of the strongest economies of the new member states. ALSA paints were prominently displayed in a recent car show hosted in the region.

ALSA’s MirraChrome paint was recently featured in a recent article on the Max Power website. “MirraChrome represents a genuine technological breakthrough, by virtue of its outstanding reflectivity rate and its capacity to be clearcoated without losing its authentic chrome look.”

Alsa’s distributors in Baltic States JSC “RIKUSTA” in exhibition in Vilnius, Lithuania (with partners from Estonia). Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania and houses all major political, economic, social and cultural centers.