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Required Components:

In order to use the ChromeFX™ System you will need:

  1. ChromeFX™ Application Equipment: required to apply the ChromeFX™ Coat.
  2. A ChromeFX™ Coating Package: includes proprietary paints for all 3 layers.
  3. Traditional Spray Painting Equipment: required for applying the base & topcoats. (This equipment is available through any industrial paint supplier).


Q: What is the difference between a ChromeFX™Finish and traditional Metallic Paint?
A: A ChromeFX™ Finish is not paint, although it is applied in a similar manner. ChromeFX™ places a layer of Real liquid metal on a product’s surface. Consequently, it looks and feels like the product has been chromed or metallized, not just painted. A ChromeFX™ finish is reflective and shines, like a mirror. It is also much more durable than paint and will not fade over time.

Q: Does the ChromeFX™ Finish conduct electricity?
A: Yes, a ChromeFX™ finish is real metal so it theoretically can conduct electricity like all metals. However, ChromeFX™ is intended for decorative purposes. It is not a substitute for electroplating and we do not provide any assistance on this topic.

Q: How strong is a ChromeFX™ Finish?
A: ChromeFX™ is as durable as OEM Automotive Finishes.

Q: Can I use my own Basecoats & Topcoats?
A: No, the basecoats & topcoats that we supply are specially formulated to work with the Intermediate ChromeFX™ Coat.

Q: What equipment do I need?
A: In order to apply the Basecoats & Topcoats you need traditional spray painting equipment including: A Clean Room, HVLP Spray Painting Guns, A Spray Booth, An Air Compressor and An Experienced Painter. (All of this equipment, except the painter, is available through any industrial paint supply company) In order to apply the ChromeFX™ Intermediate Coat you need a ChromeFX™ Application Machine. Please see Equipment section of our website for more information about our application machines. !! For your safety, it is necessary to wear protective clothing, including a gas mask and gloves, during all steps of the application process.

Q: Has the ChromeFX™ Finish been tested?
A: Yes, please review the test results in the Technical Data section of our website.

Q: How expensive is ChromeFX™ compared to traditional chroming?
A: The costs associated with ChromeFX™ are approximately 15% or lower than traditional chroming.