Xposures® is the first coating of its kind that can be sprayed. Remember the mood ring? Well it is like that but 1 million times better. Xposures® can be sprayed, roller applied, brushed, or even silk-screened. It only reacts to heat and or sun, and achieves the most dramatic looks over dark bases, especially black.

The true uniqueness is the fact that there are actually 8 colors that literally change before your eyes, making Xposures® the most spectacular coating ever made.

Xposures® can be applied to virtually any substrate including:

  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Fabrics
  • Leathers
  • Wood
  • Glass
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Kit Coverage

  • 2 oz. Kit – While a 2 oz. Kit may not seem like much, it should cover a lamp or small appliance (The 2oz. Kit is designed for evaluation purposes).
  • 8 oz. Kit – With an 8 oz. Kit you can easily complete a cruiser or a sportbike.
  • Pint Kit – With a Pint Kit you should be able to cover a small vehicle.
  • Quart Kit – Using a Quart Kit you should expect to cover a small to mid-size vehicle.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Xposures® paint like other color shifting paints?
A. Xposures® is unlike any other color shifting paint ever in the way that you don’t need to move your head to see the change. Xposures will change “magically” before your eyes simply from exposure to heat or sun.

Q. What color would I see most?
A. Because Xposures® is heat reactive it will depend on the level of heat as well as the amount of breeze etc. but your vehicle will almost never be the same shade twice.

Q. How many colors are there?
A. In our most universal version there are 3 sets of 3 colors giving you eight distinct colors and multiple shades of colors between each color set.

Q. What color base do I need if Xposures® is clear?
A. Xposures® works most dramatically over a black basecoat.*We recommend using Xposures® black basecoat as we know the solvent content will not damage the extremely sensitive Xposures® coating.

Q. How much do I need?
A. The following chart will give you an idea of coverage however using more exposures will result in a more dramatic effect.

Q. Can Xposures® be applied over a pre-existing black basecoat?
A. Due to Xposure’s sensitivity to solvents we do not recommend application over any other coating outside the recommended components.

Q. Is Xposures® paint durable?
A. Xposure® paint with its supplied U.V. inhibitor is fine for simple handling etc. but for a completely durable and chemical resistant finish use Alsa’s Clear and Hardener. *We have found other clears to destroy the U.V. barrier.

Q. How long will Xposures® last?
A. At this time we simply don’t know. However testing is ongoing and as the results become available they will be posted. Until then however, there is no warranty expressed or implied with respect to the performance of this coating. * NOTE: We have had a control sample exposed to 9 months of direct U.V. with complete success.

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