Easy Chrome Kit

EASY CHROME's shine is near equal to our silver nitrate system. It's the same level of gloss as real chrome. So it can repair chrome as well.

30ft KIT INCLUDES: 1 Can Easy Chrome (KC-EC), 1 Can Easy Basecoat (KC-ECBC), 1 Can Clear (KC-MCLR), 1 Pair Gloves, 2 Blank Speed Shapes, 1 Power Spray Can Handle

Pint KIT INCLUDES: 1 Easy Chrome Pint, 3 Easy Chrome Basecoat Pint, 3 Easy Chrome Topcoat Pint, 6 Speed Shapes, 3 Polish Cloth, 2 Pair Gloves

Quart KIT INCLUDES: 1 Easy Chrome Quart, 3 Easy Chrome Basecoat Quart, 3 Easy Chrome Topcoat Quart, 6 Speed Shapes, 3 Polish Cloths, 2 Pair Gloves

Gallon KIT INCLUDES: 1 Easy Chrome Gallon, 3 Easy Chrome Basecoat Gallon, 3 Easy Chrome Topcoat Gallon, 6 Speed Shapes, 3 Polish Cloths, 2 Pair Gloves


  • 30-ft Chrome Kit

  • Pint Kit

  • Quart Kit

  • Gallon Kit

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