Crazer Killer Cans

Crazer bases create incredible visual depths, from marble looks to snakeskin and even brush stroke patterns by texturing the surface after spraying the Crazer. Various other effects can be achieved by using different items for texturing from cling wrap to brushes and even a sponge.


  • Killer Can

  • Mystic Ice
    Mystic Ice
  • Metallic Gold
    Metallic Gold
  • Black Shadow
    Black Shadow
  • Metallic Silver
    Metallic Silver
  • Mystic Violet
    Mystic Violet
  • Mystic Tropical
    Mystic Tropical
  • Blue Streak
    Blue Streak
  • Mellow Yellow
    Mellow Yellow
  • Grape Ape
    Grape Ape
  • Bright White
    Bright White
  • Hunting Green
    Hunting Green
  • Copper
  • Red
  • Mystic Autumn
    Mystic Autumn
  • Crimson Red
    Crimson Red
  • Kiwi Green
    Kiwi Green
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Tink Pink
    Tink Pink
  • Creamsicle

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