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Skin Tone

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Product Info

In the custom paint world you are bound to be asked to paint a portrait or image of a person which requires you to mix and shade with Skin Tones™. As if painting the human form was not hard enough now you have to dive deep into books and magazines to do an unofficial study of the human skin. Now that has all come to a steel wheel screeching halt with our introduction of Skin Tones™ to the Alsa Signature Series. These tones have been delivered to us by Fonzy, a world renowned artist famous for painting the human form in such realistic likeness that his creations literally take on a life of their own. Each of our six new colors were specially designed to make it easier for you to paint the human form. They will help you understand how professional artists use minimal shading techniques to create uncanny lifelike masterpieces worthy of display in an art museum. As always, Alsa is with you every step of the way. Each kit contains a comprehensive startup guide to bring you through the basics and get you on your way to achieving skin tone “perfection”.


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Skin Tone 4 Ounces $14.99 Skin Tone 1 Pint $48.00

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Application Guide

  1. Prepare and prime the surface as you would any normal paint job.
  2. Apply 2 to 3 wet coats to ensure uniform coverage.
  3. Let flash off before applying your final clear or taping off graphics.
  4. Topcoat with a poly-urethane clearcoat as you would with any other paint job.

NOTE: Skin Tones need to be reduced with Medium Reducer at a ratio of (1:1).


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