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Soft Touch Paint

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Product Info


Alsa’s SofTouch® is the softest two component urethane paint on the planet! Ultra soft to the touch, it feels like expensive suede or soft leather but offers the tough as nails performance of an automotive grade two component urethane finish. It can be applied as a clear translucent topcoat over a wide variety of substrates and basecoats to produce a lustrous full matte finish. Or, mix with our Candies to create a tinted full coverage monocoat (black and red are popular favorites!). This product carries full test approvals from some of the largest general industrial clients on earth. It is used on automotive interiors, expensive furniture, computer peripherals, hairdryers and even aviation dashboards. SofTouch® instantly transforms hard surfaces into sensational new textures that feel like Velvet, Silk or even Rubber! Use it on door handles & side panels, drawer knobs & pulls, furniture armrests, tool & appliance handles and virtually any surface that paint will stick to.

New Electric 3D Soft Colors with a SofTouch®


NOTE: Alsa SofTouch® Paint is not intended for Private Consumer use!

NOTE: Alsa SofTouch® Paint is a clear top coat; best painted on top of Alsa Candy Concentrates.

Ease of Application: Alsa SofTouch® Paint coating is simply sprayed on using traditional spray painting equipment.

Low Cost / High Margins:Alsa SofTouch® Paint coating adds a negligible amount to operating costs; yet products finished with this type of soft coating can demand significant sales price increases over identical products with hard surfaces.

Design Options: Alsa SofTouch® Paint coating can be ordered clear or with a custom color. So you have the option of just changing the feel of a product’s surface or changing its appearance as well.

Applicable to Almost Any Substrate: Alsa SofTouch®Paint coating is a very adaptable coating that can adhere to almost any surface.

Durability: Alsa SofTouch® Paint coating not only creates products that are soft to touch, it also improves the durability of the product surface. It is both scratch & mar resistant.

Alsa SofTouch® Paint coating is a unique product that can create rich, soft feelings on almost any surface.

Ideal for any product that is intended to be touched; Alsa SofTouch® Paint coating transforms hard surfaces into new sensational textures.



SofTouch® Paints

SofTouch Resin

1 Quart

SofTouch Resin

1 Gallon

SofTouch Thinner

8 Ounces

SofTouch Thinner

1 Quart

SofTouch Hardener

8 Ounces

SofTouch Hardener

1 Quart


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SofTouch® Preval

preval-softouchThe Preval Spray Gun is a convenient, and easy to use professional grade spray system. It dispenses nearly any paint, formula or solution. And its versatility makes it useful for projects from automotive to arts and crafts and every industry in between.

SofTouch® Kits

SofTouch® Kits Our Kits provide you with a way to test Alsa SofTouch®. Coating on your own products and see for yourself how simple it is to create innovative products that feel as good as they look. Included in the Kits are the components needed to create a beautiful tactile Soft Feeling surface.

2 Quart Kit

Includes: 1 Quart ST2010 Resin, 24oz. ST2011 Thinner Solvent, 8oz. ST2012 Hardener

Makes (2) TWO Full Quarts
2 Gallon Kit

Includes: 1 Gallon ST-2010 Resin, 3 Quarts ST-2011Thinner Solvent, 1 Quart ST-2012 Hardener

Makes (2) TWO Full Gallons
12 Gallon Kit

Includes: 6 Gallons ST-2010 Resin, 4 1/2 Gallons ST-2011 Thinner Solvent, 6 Quarts ST-2012 Hardener

Makes (12) TWO Full Gallons

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Bullet Points

  • Incredible scratch resistance – try to scratch it….even with a coin
  • Total Matte finish
  • Highly water repellent or hydrophobic
  • Wonderful soft feeling , and tough as heck
  • Ease of application. Sprayed like any clear coat.
  • Advanced UV inhibitor protection additives
  • Fantastic for electronics, auto parts, leather, helmets, bicycles, wheels, dashboards, handles, steering wheels, gear shifts…. or anything you want to have a nice, scratch proof, soft feeling
How To (Application Guide):
If after reading through this application guide, you find you are still having trouble, and require more assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our technical support staff. They are available Monday throught Thursday, 8am – 4pm, and Fridays, 8am – 12pm. You can reach us toll free at 1-800-999-4120
** Warning: Soft Feel paint is highly flammable. Please take care in storing and applying it away from open flame or high heats. It is also poisonous if ingested, so please store it away from children.

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