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SofTouch Paint

Alsa SofTouch® Paint coating is a unique product that can create rich, soft feelings on almost any surface. Ideal for any product that is intended to be touched; Alsa SofTouch® Paint coating transforms hard surfaces into new sensational textures.

SofTouch Film

THE NEW MATTE! Feels like Velvet! Tough as Nails! TRY TO SCRATCH IT!!! With a coin even!!!
SofTouch Matte Wheels - Alsa Refinish

SofTouch Wheels

Soft Feeling Wheels; Tougher than Rocks! You can redo a Set of Four Wheels in just a couple of hours! This works well on plastic rims too! Some surfaces may need our adhesion promoters.

SofTouch Kits

Our Kits provide you with a way to test Alsa SofTouch® Coating on your own products and see for yourself how simple it is to create innovative products that feel as good as they look.
Preval SofTouch - Alsa Refinish

Preval SofTouch

The Preval Spray Gun is a convenient, and easy to use professional grade spray system. It dispenses nearly any paint, formula or solution. And its versatility makes it useful for projects from automotive to arts and crafts and every industry in between.