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Speed Clear

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Product Info


Speed Clear is now also available in Alsa’s revolutionary new KILLER CANS! KILLER CANS have five times the pressure of traditional aerosol spray cans and feature a special nozzle that sprays like an HVLP gun. Each can comes complete with pre-measured urethane resin and hardener. Just remove the plunger from the can lid, place over the nipple on the bottom of the can and press firmly to release the hardener into the resin. Shake for two minutes and you’re ready to spray professional grade two-component urethane with the pressure, atomization and spray fan of a real automotive spray gun! Try KILLER CANS and find out why they’re creating such a stir!

“Speed Clear is a excellent product. It served well for my purposes and opened up a whole new realm of possibilities.” – Chris



Speed Clear
Speed Clear

 Gallon Kit

Speed Clear

 Quart Kit


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Application Guide

Speed Clear (SC1230) Urethane Clearcoat

Hardener (H-222) Normal Hardener

Mixing Ratio (4:1)


Apply 2-3 wet coats at 25 PSI allowing 10-15 minute flash between coats. Keep spray gun 6-10 inches away from the substrate to avoid problems associated with air entrapment.

Dry Times at 77ºF

Dust Free in 20 minutes

Tack Free in 30 minutes

Force Drying

Flash time at 77ºF 20 Minutes

Bake time at 140ºF 45 Minutes

Allow 1-2 hours before wet sanding and buffing.


Speed Clear (SC1230 – H222) TDS

Speed Clear (SC1230) MSDS

Speed Clear (H222) MSDS

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