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Alsa Testimonials

ALSA Testimonials

“I LOVE the Killer Chrome!! It was amazing and I will use it again on a few upcoming projects!!! The attached photos are of a 1967 GTO car guitar I made. It is carved out of African mahogany, then painted with the Killer Chrome. When you pull the volume knob up, the headlights and tail lights glow!! Thanks for a great product!”

– Stephen McSwain


McSwain Guitars - Alsa Refinish   
McSwain Guitars - Alsa Refinish   
McSwain Guitars - Alsa Refinish


“Hello! I purchased one of your Killer chrome kits recently. I loved it! The only problem was that I didn’t wait long enough for the clear coat to dry, and messed it up. Haven’t fixed it yet. I really like the jet black and clear coat in the cans. The spray pattern, and the pressure was better then any spray can I’ve used before. I’m part of a car club in northern California, and I’ve told everyone that your products are great. I’ve even told them, and seriously believe that I could paint my entire car with the cans. They’re that good.  I’m also a member of an online automotive forum, and have mentioned your products to people numerous times, looking to paint things with a spray can. I’m trying to decide which color to paint my car right now. It’s all primerd up. I like your base pearls a lot. Alsa is the first thing I think of when I think of quality, new age, customized paint. I know it might sound odd, but I enjoy wearing the t-shirt you gave me with my order. I think Alsa is great. “

– Ryan


“Hey Alsa, I just used your Killer Cans for the first time, to see how they would work for fast jobs… turns out they worked great! I just have one question though… I sprayed a Crazer background with Candy graphics over top and was wondering if you recommend wet sanding before I Speed Clear over the top?  Just don’t want to disturb the graphics, but want to get some shine in the crazer! Thanks.”

– Andy


“Thumbs up, absolutely the best Base Pearl I have ever used. After using Alsa Base Pearl if the other paint products are as great as this then I will start using Alsa for all my painting needs. I have looked over the Alsa website – by far the best paint site I have ever seen. So far no one here in Kentucky has ever heard of Alsa paints- that is about to change. Thanks for a great product.

– Smittie Kentucky


“I have used Killer Cans products in the recent past and they are excellent products. The outcome has been remarkable. A very professional looking job.

– Darvel Hodge Jr. San Antonio, TX


“I’ve just completed a “frame off” refinishing of a 1988 Peavey Vandenberg Custom guitar using ALSA’s Killer cans. I purchased this guitar new and have been playing it now for almost 20 years, and the original factory pink (yes, pink) finish needed a change. To achieve this look, I used Morrocan Gold Stylin basecoat followed by a mid-coat of the Black Candy. I then srayed a can of the 2K Speed Clear over the body and headstock (about four coats). Once that hardened, I lightly scuffed the clearcoat using 1200 grit (wet). Then I applied a can of Prizmacoat followed by another can of 2K Speed Clear. After wetsanding thru 2000 grit, followed by machine swirl remover buffing, and finally a machine buffed wax coat, you can see how the ALSA product pops and shifts thru the color spectrum. I took the photos before re-stringing the instrument to show the full finish. If ever you thought about the quality and ease of application of ALSA’s Killer Cans for your project, here’s the proof. Thanks ALSA!

– Kevin Brown Woodstock, GA Prizmacoat Guitar - Alsa Refinish


“Here’s my 1993 Acura Integra. I used the Crazer Red and Orange Candy to do my car. People are amazed when they see the car. They always have to touch to see if it wont come out- it’s really funny to see. Anyway, keep reinventing the paint business!!!!

– Eric Lauzon Montreal, Canada Crazer Car - Alsa Refinish

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