Super Clear Plus


Super Clear Plus, the new and improved Super Clear, contains maximum amounts of UV inhibitors and leveling agents.

Achieve the perfect gloss finish with Alsa’s Super Clear Plus. Get that water wet finish! It has a maximum UV protection, and is proven to be better than a $400.00 Glasurit. Speed Clear and Super Clear have the same characteristics. The difference is that Speed Clear has low VOC, and is available in all states, while Super Clear has high VOC, and is not available in California.

A 5-quart kit includes:

  • 4 quarts Resin
  • 1 quart Hardener

Product Not Available in California.



Application Guide Super Clear (SPC) Urethane Clearcoat Hardener (SPH) Normal Hardener Mixing Ratio (4:1) Application:
  1. – Apply 2-3 wet coats at 25 PSI allowing 10-15 minute flash between coats. Keep spray gun 6-10 inches away from the substrate to avoid problems associated with air entrapment.
  2. – Dry Times at 77ºF
  3. – Dust Free in 20 minutes
  4. – Tack Free in 30 minutes
  5. Force Drying
  6. – Flash time at 77ºF 20 Minutes
  7. – Bake time at 140ºF 45 Minutes
  8. – Allow 1-2 hours before wet sanding and buffing.

Additional information

Weight 170 oz