Uni-trigger Dual Aerosol Sprayer


Our Uni-Trigger is best used for large surfaces and for mixing 2 components.

The only item to hold, shoot and aim two aerosols or more!

Portable, Refillable, Self Powered Spray Gun

Fill with any liquid or paint, SPRAY ANYWHERE!

You can use it with our Self Powered Refillable patented cans or any spray can of your own or trigger squeeze mechanism.

Using the double sprayer will catalyze any product. The spray is always evenly dispersed no matter how many cans there are, so there is no dripping. Only even coverage.

It is adaptable to as small a system as double perfume bottle to large industrial uses.



Great for: Disinfectants, Carpet Cleaners, Foam, Household Cleaners, Insecticides, Paint, etc. Insert your own can or spraying device. Dual Aerosol Sprayer

Additional information

Weight 12 oz