Hawaiian Hues


The magic of the Hawaiian Islands are transformed into captivating vibrant colors when Hawaii’s own world renowned custom painter, Dennis Mathewson harnesses the essence of his tropical paradise and its beauty in the hot, new base and graphic colors of Hawaiian Hues.

These tropical colors from paradise bring a whole new aspect to the Alsa line. Always looking to meet the needs of loyal consumers these paints were manufactured to meet the industry demand of airbrush artists as well as the full blown custom painter. Hawaiian Hues base and graphic colors were designed by a custom painter for the needs of custom painters everywhere. These primary and secondary base colors are formulated with rich, intense, pigments that ensure solid coverage. The islands call out with the vibrancy of colors reminiscent of a fiery lava flow, lush green ferns in a tropical rain forest, a fresh sliced juicy pineapple, a clear blue ocean wave or a warm, starry night’s sky and more to remind you of what true bright colors should resemble.


Bullet Points

Hawaiian Hues are a bright, vibrant pigment, reminiscent of the gorgeous, lush colors of the Tropics, in an automotive grade urethane paint. Hawaiian Hues should be shot over a white base coat for best results. Hawaiian Hues should be top coated with a good clear coat (such as Alsa’s Mirraclear, part number “KC-MCLR”) for durability, and a deep, water-wet gloss look.
  • Rich, vibrant, eye-popping colors
  • Favored by airbrush artists
  • Automotive grade urethane
  • Compatible with most primers, and clear coats
  • Specialty Paint Collection
  • Advanced UV inhibitor Protection
  • Extremely high pigment level for amazing coverage

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