Soft Touch Paint Kits


SofTouch® Kits

Our Kits provide you with a way to test Alsa SofTouch®. Coating on your own products and see for yourself how simple it is to create innovative products that feel as good as they look. Included in the Kits are the components needed to create a beautiful tactile Soft Feeling surface.

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Bullet Points

  • Incredible scratch resistance – try to scratch it….even with a coin
  • Total Matte finish
  • Highly water repellent or hydrophobic
  • Wonderful soft feeling , and tough as heck
  • Ease of application. Sprayed like any clear coat.
  • Advanced UV inhibitor protection additives
  • Fantastic for electronics, auto parts, leather, helmets, bicycles, wheels, dashboards, handles, steering wheels, gear shifts…. or anything you want to have a nice, scratch proof, soft feeling

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