Spectra FX


The Most Dramatic Color Changing Paint Available!

While color change paint have been available for many years, SpectraFX takes “color shifting ” to a whole new level. Traditional color-changing paints create a swirl of different colors when you look at them from different angles. SpectraFX is different from these paints in that it creates a true “chameleon” color shift from 1 distinct color to another. This controlled color shift creates a much more dramatic effect, so that 2 people looking at the same object will see two completely different colors.

This dramatic color shift is the result of special, patented crystal flakes instead of color pigments used in traditional color-changing paints. And Alsa has put the creative control of these amazing crystal flakes in the consumers hands, by selling the flakes themselves instead of pre-mixed paints. So you are free to add them to any type of clear paint or coating you would like and you can also adjust the amount of flakes used to change effects.

And, by selling the flakes instead of pre-mixed paints Alsa is able to pass along significant savings to its customers. So your favorite clear paint or coating enhanced by SpectraFX flakes ends up costing a fraction of the price of other color changing paints, which can run thousands of dollars per gallon.

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Alsa’s SpectraFX is a powdered pigment that can be added to any clear carrier, and applied over any existing base coat color. These pigments all use a slightly larger particle size than normally found in chameleon-like paints, and this produces an eye popping, sparkly look to the colors as they shift. (Compare this to Alsa’s “Mystic” line of paints, which use a much smaller particle size, and give a more opaque look). These colors will change dramatically, when applied over different color base coats. We recommend Alsa base coats, but there are many fine base coats on the market that will work as well. Generally shot over a black base coat, (such as Alsa’s Jet Black base coat, part number “KC-ASB-13”) for the most dramatic color shift, this pigment will result in a wide variety of looks, when applied over different base coats. This is your time to explore! This paint should be finished with a clear coat for added protection, and a deep, water wet, high gloss look. Matte finishes, such as Alsa’s Soft Touch coating, can also produce some very unique looks.

  • For the first time available to the public, true automotive paint additive & pigment.
  • Extremely hard color shift – 2 totally different colors from different angles of viewing
  • Slightly larger particle size for more dramatic effect, and deeper/true color shift.
  • Wide variety of looks available, depending on color of base coat
  • Amazing “pop” and brilliant, vibrant colors
  • Can be used with Alsa’s One Shot Candies over the top for many interesting effects

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