Crazer Bases create incredible visual depths; from marble looks to snakeskin and even brush stroke patterns. Try going over the first coat with another Crazer color for an even greater effect. And with the additional option of topcoating with our Candy Concentrates. The color possibilities are endless.

Solid Crazers

Our new solid Crazer Colors are a spectacular addition to an already breath taking line. These new Crazers give phenomenal coverage and are unique in color. These colors were designed after the old bowling ball effect where standard base colors were used to achieve a bowling ball or snakeskin effect with solid colors.Well why not bring back that nostalgic look with our new solid Crazers. There are 11 new solid Crazer colors that can be applied over any base color and achieve the same solid face color. The Solid Crazers Can also be top coated with candies or any of our color shifting coatings to achieve a variety of different colors and Flops.

Mystic Crazer

The second new addition to the line up of Crazer colors is Mystic Crazers. These Mystic Crazers are an extention of our color shifting coatings into crazers. With color shifting coatings being all the rage why not be able to have color shifting Marble patterns with the same ease and Great price.

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Bullet Points

Alsa’s Crazer bases are used to create amazing marbleized effects, and vivid marble-like patterns. Also able to create an extremely wide variety of looks, by simply using different “texturing tools” and techniques, with common plastic wrap being the most popular, this paint can also be used to create a “brush stroke” look, or even a “snakeskin” or “wood grain” type of look. The resulting pattern is totally random, and no 2 applications are the same. You can even use a Crazer paint over an existing Crazer paint, to create a multi-layered effect, with incredible depth.
  • Creates looks with incredible depth
  • Random patterns insure no 2 applications look quite the same
  • Specially formulated for “texturing”
  • Automotive grade urethane
  • High solids content
  • Advanced UV inhibitor protection

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