Alsa’s Flakes are the best on the market. Our flakes are ultra-thin, easy to smooth out and sparkle like no other product on the market today. Flakes are available in medium and small sizes with a variety of colors and flake shapes.

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Bullet Points

Alsa’s flakes are sparkling flakes that are generally added to any clear carrier, and then shot out over any color existing base coat color, to add sparkle, and “pop” to the existing finish.

Available in many different sizes, the larger of these flakes will require a “Flake Gun” to properly disperse the flakes.

  • For the first time available to the public, true automotive paint additive & pigment.
  • Ultra thin – Lay down smoothly, and easily
  • Amazing sparkle
  • Added completely to taste, for wide variety of intensities
  • Automotive grade

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Weight 9 oz