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Base Pearls come in a wide range of colors. They can be simply topcoated or used as a base coat paint for Candies, SpectraFX or any of our other effect coatings. Base Pearls can be topcoated with any of our high quality clearcoats.

Customer Testimonial:

Thumbs up, absolutely the best Base Pearl I have ever used. After using Alsa Base Pearl if the other paint products are as great as the Base Pearl then I will start using Alsa for all my painting needs. I have looked over the Alsa web by far the best paint site I have ever seen. So far no one here in Kentucky has ever heard of Alsa paints, that is about to change. Thanks for a great product. Thanks again, Smittie

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Bullet Points

Alsa’s “Base Pearls” are a pearlescent additive, in automotive grade urethane paint. Our Base Pearls all have very high pigment levels for excellent coverage, and a deep, vibrant, pearlescent look. And they really pop!

Alsa Base Pearls should be shot over a white base coat (except for “Black Gold”, part number ABP-16). That should be shot over a Black Base Coat, for best results.

Alsa Base Pearls should be top coated with a good clear coat (such as Alsa’s Speed Clear, part number SC1230) for durability, and a deep, water-wet gloss look.

  • Extremely high pigment level for amazing coverage
  • Deep pearlescent bling
  • Automotive grade urethane
  • Can be applied to a wide variety of materials
  • Compatible with most primers, and clear coats
  • Specialty Paint Collection
  • Advanced UV inhibitor Protection
  • High grade German pearl additive

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