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Easy Chrome

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Product Info

The biggest thing that’s happened to custom paint!

This is it. Defying the Undefyable.

Fix your chrome with just a can of Easy Chrome in the trunk. As easy as that!

Pure silver. Mirror. We GUARANTEE CHROME!


EASY CHROME’s shine is near equal to our silver nitrate system. It’s the same level of gloss as real chrome. So it can repair chrome as well.

The same shine as our Chroming machines but in a simple spray!

  • It will not dull out after topcoat (top coat is optional; this stuff is pretty tough without it)
  • This will not fade for many years. 10 year warranty.
  • Basecoat 70% solids. It is like Glass! Same for topcoat.
  • Pretty crazy and durable without top coat. (Wheels will need topcoat)
  • Shines like real chrome!
  • So easy to use!


Wet Clear Coat

Brush-on Easy Chrome


Wet Clear Coat
Easy Chrome Systems

$279.00 – $2,999

Wet Clear Coat

Application Guide

Step 1:

To begin the Easy Chrome process, your part must be prepped and ready for application. Preparation includes: Sanding, Buffing and Priming. Primer can be any automotive grade primer. The surface should be very smooth.

Step 2:

Start by applying our Easy Chrome Basecoat, this basecoat is made exclusively for Easy Chrome. You will need this Basecoat in order for the Chrome to work. Once you apply, your basecoat must be very glossy, like a very wet look.

***DRY TIME: Air Dry your part 48hrs+ / Oven Dry your part 10-12hrs+ 120°F

***NOTE: They Dryer your part the better your chrome turnout.

Step 3:

Begin applying your Easy Chrome, this can be done by Brush, Spray Gun or Aerosol!

If applying by Brush, dip your brush into the chrome and begin to do very light strokes on your part. Any chrome that drips off your brush or part can be collected and reused right away. Continue this until you get the desired finish.

If applying by spray gun, begin by lightly dusting the chrome on your part, Flash 10-15 sec. Apply air to the chrome for a faster turn.

If applying by Aerosol, spray a very light coat. One light coat will be enough to get your chrome.

***DRY TIME: Air Dry your part 48hrs+ / Oven Dry your part 10-12hrs+ 120°F

Step 4:

Your part must be fully dry before you begin to topcoat. Begin to spray your Easy Chrome Topcoat by spray or aerosol. Use light coats when spraying and you are done.

***DRY TIME: Air Dry 1hr+ / Oven Dry 30min. 120°F

***NOTE: If a higher gloss is desired, you can use any urethane clearcoat over DRY the Easy Chrome topcoat.

***NOTE: Easy Chrome Topcoat is optional! If your part will not be handled or if it is only for display purposes you do not need to topcoat.


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