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Product Info


MirraColor brings together 2 of our hottest products MirraChrome and Candies. The leaders of Sprayable Chrome finishes now takes it a step further with Sprayable COLORED Chrome. Try MirraColor on your next custom project and watch the heads turn.

With MirraColor you’ll experience FAST turn around time. MirraColor flashes off within seconds, reducing your application time drastically. MirraColor can also be topcoated almost immediately with no need to wait. With the candy “built-in” you can achieve even color every time without striping or blotch. Simply topcoat the MirraColor with any of our high quality clear coats for amazing “colored chrome” effects.


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4 Ounce
1 Pint
1 Quart
1 Gallon

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Application Guide

  1. Begin by applying the MirraColor over a black High Gloss polished surface.
  2. Apply the MirraColor in a light “dust” coat taking care to apply a uniform amount to the entire piece. (For best results we recommend an Iwata LPH-50 with a 1.0 tip. Keep your hand at least 6 inches from the surface and have the material control just “cracked” open. Too much material being applied will result in a duller overall finish).
  3. Continue “dusting” the MirraColor for a total of 2-3 even passes.
  4. If you have excess dust or overspray from the application process you can now wipe it away with the soft flannel polishing cloth (included with all MirraColor kits). **NOTE: The wiping of the MirraColor is OPTIONAL and only required if you experience a heavy accumulation of “dust” on the surface due to the light application.
  5. You are now ready to topcoat the MirraColor with SpeedClear in a can. Begin by applying 1-2 Even coats to the entire surface. Allowing 10-15 minutes between coats to “Flash”. **NOTE: You will notice the color “Come to Life” as soon as you apply the topcoat. The look of the MirraColor AFTER being topcoated is a “night and day” difference when compared to the color before clearcoating.  ** Allow the topcoated parts to dry for at least 1hr. to touch, and 8-12 hrs to sand or buff.

Product Showcase