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Product Info


Prizmacoat contains a unique paint pigment additive which is invisible in low light or shade, but EXPLODES into a myriad of colors and hues when viewed in sunlight or under direct incandescent light. It is an effect coat that can be applied over any colored basecoat to provide a prismatic “punch”! It may also be applied directly over chrome and bright finishes as shown below.

Great for graphics.

Prizmacoat works great as a background or in graphics. Try applying different Candy Concentrates over Prizmacoat to retain it’s dazzling effect and unleash other color spectrums.

Prizmacoat gives the etchings and embossing’s on this drum vivid color highlights in the sun yet pure chrome in the shade.


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When using Prizmacoat in paintjobs we recommend topcoating with Alsa Speed Clear, Alsa Clear or your choice of High Quality automotive topcoats.

When applying Prizmacoat over existing chrome surfaces Alsa recommends topcoating with Clear4Chrome to ensure maximum durability.



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Alsa Base Pearls Killer Can

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Bullet Points

Prizmacoat is a unique, ready to spray pigment, utilizing a light refracting technology that actually embodies an entire rainbow when exposed to direct sunlight. It can be used in an extremely wide range of applications, and will never fade. This is not your common glitter. Nearly invisible in low light, this pigment explodes in direct sunlight, refracting the light into ALL 7 primary colors, just like a real prism in a spray can. From one angle you see total blue, another red, purple, and all the colors of the prism.

It is used over any existing color (with black being the most dramatic), or can also be used over chromes, metals, glass, jewelry, or any other spray paint. Chromes with candies and Prizmacoat are nice. The prismatic pigment is suspended in a carrier that will evaporate almost instantly, leaving you with a fine dusting of prismatic particles on your surface. That should then be cleared coated on top for durability, and added depth and an explosion of color.

  • True Rainbow Effect
  • Explodes with intense color shift (in direct sunlight)
  • Nearly invisible in low light
  • Wide variety of looks depending on base coat color
  • Super easy to use, and no need to worry about striping. It goes on very even.
  • Extremely high coverage rate (a light dusting is usually all you need)
  • Looks great as a background for graphics, or even over graphics
  • Incredible variety of uses. Nearly any surface.
  • Amazing over true chrome. The lighter the color, the more subtle it is.
  • Advanced UV protection for long lasting color
How To (Application Guide):

Prizmacoat is a unique material, with an extremely wide variety of applications. Most commonly used over an existing paint color, and then clear coated for a glossy look,  and added depth and durability. It can, however, also be used over many other type surfaces by simply applying 1-2 light dust coats over the surface, and then clear coating as above. It can, if desired, be left UN-clear coated, and will last for some time this way, but the effect will very likely diminish over time, especially if being handled. It will also not be glossy looking without a clear coat.

  1. Always apply paints in a well-ventilated area, and wear a NIOSH approved respirator to avoid breathing any fumes.
  2. Make sure you have good conditions for spraying. The best temperature for spraying this paint, is 75-80 degrees F, and VERY low humidity.
  3. If your piece is already base coated, you can proceed to step 7.
  4. Begin by prepping the surface as you would for any paintjob (prime, sand, etc.) Epoxy primers for bare metal, and primer surfacers for plastic, wood, fiberglass, etc.
  5. Apply your choice of base colors. (For the most dramatic “pop” we recommend Stylin Basecoat Jet Black, KC-ASB-13)
  6. Allow the base to dry as recommended (usually 10-15 minutes. Air dry)
  7.  Apply 2 light “dusting” coats of the Prizmacoat.
  8.  You will now want to shine a bright light on the surface to decide if you have achieved the desired effect. If so, you can now go on to the next step, otherwise, for an additional blast of color explosion,  add more coats as desired being sure to apply in “light” coats. (Applying Prizmacoat too heavily will cause the Flakes to “stack” and ruin the effect.)
  9. Allow the Prizmacoat to dry (usually 5 minutes. Air dry)
  10. You can now topcoat it with any high quality automotive clearcoat.

Product Showcase


Q. What is Prizmacoat and how does it work?

Prizmacoat contains a unique pigment additive which is invisible in low light or shade but EXPLODES into a myriad of colors and hues in sunlight or under direct incandescent light.

Q. How do you apply Prizmacoat over existing chrome?

Prizmacoat can be used in combination with Clear4Chrome to produce dazzling effects directly over your existing chrome finish! Clear4Chrome can be applied directly to any chrome surface. It has been specially formulated to provide superior adhesion to chrome surfaces and can be tinted to any custom color and provides maximum scratch, stain and chemical resistance.

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