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Stylin Basecoat

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Product Info



Coverage is the key!

With Alsa’s Stylin Basecoats you can eliminate the need for three or more coats, by achieving coverage in as little as two coats. Alsa’s Stylin bases save you valuable time as well as material.

Are you still searching for that one special shade? Then try going over a Stylin Basecoats with any of our Candy Concentrates; with thousands of color combinations you’re certain to find that truly “custom” color.

Please read the Stylin Basecoats Application Guide and browse through our Product Showcase to see examples of these captivating Basecoats.


Stylin Basecoat

4 Ounces

Stylin Basecoat

1 Pint

Stylin Basecoat

1 Quart

Stylin Basecoat

1 Gallon


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Alsa Base Pearls Killer Can

Also available in Killer Cans!

10 Different Colors to Choose From!

$49.95 / can
€64.95 / can


Bullet Points

Alsa’s Stylin’ Base coats are all high metallic, automotive grade urethanes, with extremely high metallic pigment levels, for that deep sparkly look, and a high metallic pop of glitter.

Used as a base coat for any number of applications, this material covers extremely well, with usually only 1-2 coats needed.

This paint should be finished with a good clear coat, such as Alsa’s Speed Clear (part number SC1230) for durability, and a high gloss, water-wet look.

  • Extremely high pigment level for amazing coverage
  • Automotive grade urethane – Wet look
  • Wide variety of applications – Metallics pop well
  • Compatible with most primers, and clear coats
  • High solids content
  • Advanced UV inhibitor protection additives
  • High grade German aluminum pigment
How To (Application Guide):
  1. If your piece already has primer applied, or if your piece already has primer AND base coat applied, then lightly scuff the surface for adhesion, and proceed to step number 11.
  2. Always apply paints in a well-ventilated area, and wear a NIOSH approved respirator to avoid breathing any fumes.
  3. Make sure you have good conditions for spraying. The best temperature for spraying this paint, is 75-80 degrees F, and VERY low humidity.
  4. Prepare and prime your part first. Epoxy primers are best for bare metal, and primer surfacers are best for plastics, fiberglass, or wood. Some plastics may require an adhesion promoter but most plastics, like ABS plastic, are fine without adhesion promoters. Our tech support department can assist with what primer is best, if you are uncertain.
  5. Before applying your primer, remove all dirt, grease, oil, salt, and chemical contaminants, by washing the surface with a commercial detergent, or other suitable cleaning method.
  6. Rinse with fresh water and allow to completely dry.
  7. Remove any existing loose paint, or rust, etc, with a wire brush or sand paper.
  8. Lightly sand glossy surfaces to create a surface profile for adhesion.
  9. Apply your primer to the surface according to the manufacturer’s specifications for your particular primer.
  10. Let your primer cure according to the manufacturers specifications for your particular primer, and then lightly scuff that to create a surface profile for adhesion.
  11. Now apply your Alsa base coat, using steady even passes, from about 8-10 inches away from the substrate, until you achieve an even coverage.
  12. If a second coat is required, let the first coat flash for about 10-15 minutes, and then apply your second coat over that, again, making sure to use steady even passes.
  13. Let your base coat flash for approximately 10-15 minutes, and then apply any high quality clear coat (such as Alsa’s Speed Clear, part number SC1230), for durability, and a deep, water-wet look.

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Product Showcase


Q. Are there any special preparations needed to use Alsa’s Stylin Basecoats?

No, with Stylin Basecoats there is no special prep needed. Simply prep & prime the surface as you would any other paintjob. Then apply 2 coats of Stylin Basecoat, followed by our Candy Concentrates or final clearcoat.

Q. How long do Stylin Basecoats take to dry?

Stylin Bases will air-dry within 5 min. to the touch however we recommend waiting at least 30 min before taping off graphics.

Q.What makes Alsa’s Stylin Basecoats better than the competition?

With Alsa’s Stylin Basecoats you have twice the amount of pigments and metallics allowing you coverage in half the time with less material.